Why Makeup and Skincare Professional Britt Davis Chooses VirginN

Britt Davis, Idaho-based celebrity makeup artist

Britt Davis is an Idaho-based celebrity makeup artist and licensed aesthetician who specializes in bridal makeup and studio shoots. She loves to create natural, beachy looks by incorporating highlighter, nude eyeshadow palettes and rosy lip shades. Her goal: to emphasize natural beauty and leave others wondering whether or not her clients are truly wearing makeup.

Davis is a regular user of the VirginN Pure Minerals skincare line and foundation/flawless finish powder duo.  She not only uses the products herself, but also uses them on clients in the treatment room. Blown away by the results, a vast majority of her clients, including celebrities like actress Mariel Hemmingway, leave with VirginN’s products in hand.  “My favorite part of my job is giving my clients results and unleashing their natural beauty,” says Davis, “and VirginN’s products play a huge role in that.”

Question & Answer with Britt Davis

Q: Which products of ours do you use – both on yourself and clients?

A: I’ve started incorporating VirginN’s skincare and foundation into my everyday regimen and I use all of VirginN’s products on my clients as well.  They have become obsessed with it to the point where it’s become an essential in their bathroom cabinets, too!

Q: As an aesthetician, what do you love most about VirginN?

A: I love that the foundation is buildable – it can be sheer or you can layer it on for more coverage.  It’s also incredibly soothing to the skin.  For that reason, I love to use it in the treatment room on clients who are headed back to work after their procedures.  It minimizes redness and covers sufficiently after more intense procedures, like micro-needling, dermopen procedures and chemical peels, for example. 

Q: What results have you noticed both on yourself and on clients?

A: It’s been incredibly effective in reducing redness on my clients that suffer from rosacea and also a help for those who suffer from minor breakouts. As for my skin, it feels much more balanced and hydrated at all times – and never oily.  It’s really an amazing product! It works wonders and I’m blown away by the results.

Q: Since your work as an aesthetician is only half of your job, tell me why you value our products as a makeup artist.

A: It’s a beautiful base that’s quite velvety and the product melts right into the skin as opposed to creating a powdery layer on top. The minerals add a natural glow to the skin – not quite a shimmer – just a nice, softly airbrushed look. The fact that the foundation has yummy ingredients for the skin is just another plus!

Q: Of all of our products, what is your personal favorite?

A: I love the under eye serum, Revital-Eyes – it’s pretty rad! And of course, the Peach Souffle provides incredible moisture and it smells amazing.

Q: Which VirginN products are your best sellers among clients?

A: When someone comes back for more product, they tend to buy them all.  My clients can’t stop talking about the Peach Souffle and the foundation/flawless finish powder duo.  Since introduced to it, I’d say 99% of my clients have and use the minerals on a daily basis. It’s a product that really anyone could and should use!

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