What’s in my Purse? An Aesthetician’s Must-Haves

I’ve got my own little stash of must-haves for my busy on-the-go life. I’m going to give you a sneak peak of what I carry with me throughout the day to keep myself looking and feeling beautiful, even when I have very little time to take breaks!

Sun Protection
This is a lifesaver for anyone who is trying to keep their skin healthy and wrinkle-free. I’ve found the perfect combination for both sun protection and anti-aging with our Anti-aging sun protection. It’s 30 SPF and infused with green tea (to soothe) and alpha lipoic acid (to firm).

Mineral Foundation
For an extra layer of sun protection and flawless coverage, I keep my mineral foundation handy. I love that VirginN mineral foundations look like powder, but feel like cream when you press them between your fingers. You won’t get that heavy or dry feeling when you put it on your skin.

I love misting my face with hydration and once you start you just can’t stop! I use VirginN’s moisture mist. It’s packed with multi-tasking hydrators and skin soothing aloe. It’s great to use every day, or even to give me a pick-me-up during long flights. I also spritz it in my hair to perk up my hair products.

Eye-lash Curler
An oldie, but a goodie! I always keep an eye-lash curler handy to give my lashes a lift. Curled lashes always make you look less tired! I keep my favorite mascara close by in case I need a quick touch up, but most time, just giving my lashes a quick curl will do the trick!

While berry colored lip colors are in, I’m a forever “Shades of Pink,” fan. The right shade of pink on any women looks pretty and youthful. I always keep a shade or two of VirginN’s lip mousse which are all mineral based lip colors, perfect for those who have dry lips.

Some Purse Tips
It’s essential to keep your purse and all its contents clean for your health and your skin’s health. Keep it off the floor, where it can pick up dirt, grunge and germs that can potentially land on your hands and skin. Keep your beauty products organized in a single pouch or baggie which keeps them from getting lost or leaking out in your purse. Don’t forget to store your phone in its own pocket in your purse and wipe it often. Cell phones can get filthy and every time you put your phone to your face that dirt and grime can get into your pores.

From my purse to yours, I hope you enjoyed these tips on what to keep in your own purse to help your skin throughout the day.


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