How VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup is ShakiN Up the Industry

level4_4660_2666Go to any grocery store, pharmacy and beauty supply chain and you’ll find shelves of mineral makeups. How do you choose? What makes them different? Price range, brand, pretty packaging or is it all about the ingredients? If you turn over that perfectly packaged and luminously designed container you’ll find an ingredient list full of words way beyond a high school – even college – reading level. Bismuth Oxychloride, Octyldocecyl Lactate, Carmine – wait isn’t that the name of a beetle?!!

You shouldn’t have to be a chemist (or a beetle-lover) to sort through and find the best mineral makeup for your skin. This is how VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup is ShakiN up the Makeup Industry. Being a licensed and practicing aesthetician I can tell you now that when you apply something to your skin it will eventually – and fairly quickly – end up in your bloodstream. So when I say pure, I mean PURE!

My mineral makeup offers you the very best in minerals, amino acids, natural moisturizers and protein peptides. All of which are safe and non-harmful to your skin. Check out VirginN’s ingredient list here. You won’t find any cheap fillers like other top brand, big name companies (See our comparison lists) use, but you will find pure ingredients and a superior product line that not only benefits your skin, but helps you look and feel beautiful!

I’m so confident in VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup products that they’re backed with not just one, but several guarantees!

• Anti-aging
• Superior coverage
• Acne combat and prevention
• Safe for sensitive skin (this includes post-peel/post-laser care)
• Excellent UV protection with our patented physical sunblock
• Water resistant
• True color-stay
• Promotes healthy skin with 18 active amino acids
• Talc/Paraben, Bismuth and Preservative Free
• Balance and protection for various skin types
• And we never test on our lovable furry friends!

Do you want to have better skin without worrying about harsh side effects or an unfamiliar ingredient list? Don’t take my word for it – head on over to the VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup website and see what it’s all about! Doctor recommended, Aesthetician approved!

To Your Beauty, Inside and Out,


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