Top Beauty Resolutions for 2015

After a holiday season known for overindulgence many of us like to start the New Year fresh, bettering 2015 Beauty Resolutions
ourselves, and getting rid of bad habits or working towards better health. But, many forget that your
skin and hair could use a little TLC too, so I’ve come up with a list of beauty resolutions perfect for those trying to improve their overall health.

1. Commit to Washing Your Face at Night
This is a big one and many of us don’t realize the adverse effect not washing your face can have. Even if you don’t wear makeup your skin goes through the ringer every day and picks up dirt and grime from the environment. So even if your bed is calling your name, muster up the strength to fight off drowsiness and douse your face with lukewarm water and an excellent cleanser.

2. Out With the Old in With the New
You don’t have to keep every ounce of makeup you’ve ever bought. Don’t ignore expiration dates – they are there for good reason. Old makeup can become victim of product reformulation (not good at all for your skin), or even worse, bacteria buildup. Yup, your makeup can actually make you sick! So just as it may be a resolution to clean out the fridge or your closet, don’t forget to take a look in your makeup bag
as well!

3. Get in the Habit Of Regularly Cleaning Your Makeup Tools
Want to keep your breakouts to a minimum? It doesn’t make much sense to cleanse your face just to grime it all up again with a dirty makeup brush. You should clean your makeup brushes every few weeks and it’s very simple to do. Wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo and let them air dry overnight. By the morning they will be dry, clean and ready to use.

4. Stop popping pimples!
Those whitish, swollen, bags of pus on your face are no friend of yours and while giving them a good squeeze gives you instant relief, it really is detrimental to your skin. Popping a zit makes it more visible because of inflammation and if you squash it too much, you’ll make it bleed – in turn causing a scab, which may lead to scarring.

5. It’s All About the Love
This resolution isn’t so much about breaking those bad skin and makeup habits, but it’s more about you. Take a long look in the mirror and focus on your skin, hair, nails, etc. and start loving all your gorgeous features! Try not to focus on your imperfections, but rather focus on the things you love about yourself. That is, perhaps, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!

To your amazing 2015!


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