What Does the Sun Actually Do to Your Skin?

Summer is fast approaching and for many of us, it can’t get here soon enough! After what has been a very long winter for many of us, we can’t wait to get out and enjoy the sun. While basking in its glow it’s easy to forget to be careful while enjoying the warm rays.

Too much of a good thing can be bad, of course, but what exactly happens when you get a little too much sun? Here’s some of the downers of getting a pick-me-up from sun overexposure:

An obvious one, but if you’ve spent any time in the sun, then you’ve probably experienced the redness and pain that comes with a sunburn. The worst case scenario for most of us is a burn that peels and requires a few days of aloe and shade, but it is possible to get a sunburn so severe that it requires medical attention. So, put on plenty of sunscreen to help prevent sunburns before they happen.

Too much sun damages the collagen tissue in your skin. Collagen is what gives your skin its elasticity, so when you damage that you can say goodbye to your youthful complexion and hello to crow’s feet.

Skin Discoloration
When exposed to sunlight, your skin produces melanin which is responsible for that perfect tan some want to achieve by summers’ end. Over time, you can damage the cells that produce melanin when you spend too much time in the sun. The result of this damage is uneven pigment and blotchy-looking skin.

This is the worst case scenario, but when the sun breaks down cells there is the possibility for this process to cause skin cancer. Again, this is the worst case scenario and I certainly don’t want to ruin your summer vacation plans, but keep this in mind as you soak up any rays and be sure to protect your skin with a broad spectrum SPF.

Bottom line, there are some bad things that can happen to your skin when exposed to the sun. My best advice…be preventative! Put on sunscreen, stay in shaded areas, and wear mineral makeup (it acts as a natural sunscreen). So, enjoy the sun while it’s around this spring and summer, just be careful and be safe. There’s no reason you can’t do both 🙂

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As an aesthetician, I needed skincare and makeup for my clients to apply after invasive procedures that would not harm their skin, yet would help correct and protect while healing. That’s how VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup and Bioactive Skincare began. I love working with women and seeing their eyes light up when we make them look more amazing than what they ever thought was possible.

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