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The warm sunshine days of summer make us all feel great. That is of course until you sweat off your foundation and find it running down your shirt as experienced recently by beauty expert, Alexa Dragoumis.

Her solution? VirginN pure mineral makeup!

Check out this excerpt from her blog posted last month or read the full article here.

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I tried 3 products: the foundation, the flawless finish powder, and the lipstick pencils. I’ve been using these products for about two weeks and so far, here’s what I notice:

1) My face doesn’t melt in hot weather—in fact, I could rub a tissue on my face after the foundation sets and it doesn’t rub off. It works like a charm in the humidity of New York (which says a lot). However, with makeup remover, the products are easy to take off.

2) The combination of the foundation and flawless finish powder feels incredibly light on the skin and does not cause any breakouts. The silk used in the product allows the skin to breathe while also providing SPF 30 coverage. This makes the product goes on smoothly and stays on nicely.


3) The flawless finish powder takes the shine off of my skin almost completely, making it a great product to use before taking photos. The foundation is also incredibly effective when it comes to covering freckles and sunspots.

4) The lip pencils (or “color sticks”) are long-wear. I only had to re-apply once during the day! And let’s be real, the nude shades offered are right on-trend. Both shimmery and matte colors are available.  The ones I use are the peachy tones.  I put the matte color on first and then finish with the shimmery pencil, which gives me my own custom color.


Tonja also gave me a few helpful pointers on how to use my products. “The products are multi-tasking,” she says, “So, flawless finish is also a primer as well as a finishing product that sets the foundation and creates an air brushed look to the skin. The foundation can be used as a concealer when the brush is dampened. This turns the minerals into more of a liquid consistency.”

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If you are loving every minute of summer, and ready for products that can also take the heat we’ve got you covered. Not sure of colors or which products are right for you? No problem, just schedule a free consult at Ask an Aesthetician.



As an aesthetician, I needed skincare and makeup for my clients to apply after invasive procedures that would not harm their skin, yet would help correct and protect while healing. That’s how VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup and Bioactive Skincare began. I love working with women and seeing their eyes light up when we make them look more amazing than what they ever thought was possible.

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