Spring Trends: Colors and Looks to Try This Season

Spring is here (or at least that’s what the calendar says), and I’m sure many of you are ready for sunshine, long walks and longer hours in your day. You may find this spring’s colors and fashions a little different…shocking even! Instead of bronzed cheeks and a color palette full of only pastels, you’ll find striking colors, textures and styles throughout this spring’s trending (and inspiring) looks.

Trend #1: Outside of the Box Eyes
Maybe you’ve already noticed this trend, but sharp, graphic lines, satin eye strips, and even leather eye strips are all the rage for spring eye-makeup.

Trend #2: Extreme on Both Ends
Long wavy hair is a fun trend we tend to expect in terms of hair style, but what’s surprising this spring is the trend in hair color. Extreme neutrals top the list and you’ll be seeing either jet black hair colors or pearly-white blondes creating a cool color scheme in salon chairs this spring.

Trend #3: Dynamic Lip Color
Not just red, but vampy red, plum and burgundy are what all the lip buzz is about this spring! You’ll be among the other trendsetters if you pair your bold eyeliner with that perfect shade of dark, yet sensual colored lipstick.

Trend #4: Dewey and Basic
Loving your natural skin seems to be a popular theme this spring. The “no-makeup” makeup look is popular this spring. It’s very simple to achieve: no mascara or regular foundation, just illuminating powder (try our flawless finish powder), blush and pink/nude lipstick (our pink orchid lip mousse is an option).

Trend #5: Leave the Girly Nail Color at Home
The barely there pink manicure colors are out and the milky white colored nails are in! Spring 2015 is throwing in color here and there, but not when it comes to nails. Less girly, more sheer and creamy white nail color please!

Trend #6: Cat Flip and Purple Smolder
For those of you who don’t want to get down and dirty with dark black eyeliner and bold graphic lines, try the cat flip (see how to do it here) with lavender purple eye-shadow. Lilac, lavender, and orchid purple smoldering colored eyes is also proving that pastels will always be trending during springtime.

So try popping out of your shell this spring with an extreme neutral hair color, leather eye strips for eye-makeup or leave it all behind and keep it natural, yet illuminating. Either way try something different…refreshing…bold…and fun this spring!



As an aesthetician, I needed skincare and makeup for my clients to apply after invasive procedures that would not harm their skin, yet would help correct and protect while healing. That’s how VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup and Bioactive Skincare began. I love working with women and seeing their eyes light up when we make them look more amazing than what they ever thought was possible.

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