Pure Mineral Powder ~ Wait, Aren’t They All Pure?

photo-20Don’t you just love the word PURE? If you Google the word pure you’ll find definitions like this: “free of contamination” or “not mixed with any other substance or material.” Seems simple enough, right? You may be shocked to find that many well-known mineral makeup companies use ingredients that are far from the actual definition of pure, even though they’ve labeled it to appear as though their product is pure or natural or even safe. So let me fill you in on some ingredients that are commonly used in these name-brand products as fillers (And why VirginN avoids them!):

1. Bismuth Oxychloride: This ingredient is not pure and can actually cause break-outs on sensitive, acne prone skin and also on skin with rosacea. As if that’s not bad enough, it even accentuates pores.
2. Talc (AKA Talcum Powder): This filler ingredient is known to increase dryness and skin irritation. Studies that have exposed lab animals to talc in various ways have had mixed results, but some studies show tumor formation. Yikes!!
3. Corn Starch: This is a vegetable derivative that is known to promote bacteria growth.
4. Parabens: A preservative that is not only linked to allergic reactions in the skin, but also to cancer.
5. Carmine: This filler ingredient is crushed beetle and used for color (is your skin crawling yet?!). It’s extremely irritating to the skin and can cause allergic reactions.
6. Kaolin Clay: Another cheap fill ingredient that over-dries the skin.

There you have it! The short list of common filler ingredients that some of the big boys in the mineral makeup industry like to use in their products.

VirginN doesn’t use these harmful filler ingredients – keeping to the idea that PURE equals safe and non-irritating. You’ll find that our products utilize pure minerals like Micronized Titanium (Kosher grade and anti-inflammatory with UVA/UVB protection) and Mica (a light reflective mineral that reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines). Check out our full ingredient list here to see exactly what you’re getting with our makeup!

After-all, you should love your skin and everything you put on it, including your makeup!

Here’s to your glowing complexion, filler and chemical free!

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