A light hint of color to simply warm up the face.

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A light hint of color to simply warm up the face.

Mica (light reflective mineral reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores); Silica (diminishes appearance of fine lines, and provides oil control); Silk (rich in 18 easily absorbed amino acids, a natural moisture-adjusting product which can absorb or release moisture as the temperature and humidity change, a natural moisturizer, entraps oil, and offers relief for sunburn, windburn, and other burns.); May also contain Iron Oxides.

Put a small amount in the container lid and dip your flawless face brush or blush brush into it. Tap off the excess and apply anywhere you want to warm up your skin.

Can be used as an eyeshadow by simply wetting your wet-dry brush and sweeping across the eyelid. We like to combine an application of Radiance followed by our Bronzer.

Size: 2 grams

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