Top 4 Tips to Minimize Your Pores

Looking in the mirror, do your pores resemble giant sized pot holes on an old dirt road? Many don’t realize that the appearance of large pores isn’t due to a shrink and expand phenomenon. Rather, they appear larger when they’re clogged. Genetics, exposure to sun, skin-type, and age also factor into the equation.

Want to learn how to minimize their appearance? Here are the top 5 tips you need to minimize your pores:

Tip #1: Wash Your Face Twice Per Day
Makeup, dirt and grime and everyday environmental factors can buildup on your face, making your pores seem monstrous. It’s essential to wash your face morning and night, removing anything that can sink into your skin and buildup. Always remove your makeup before bed. Letting it sit on your skin over night will absolutely clog up your pores.

Tip #2: Exfoliate!
You don’t need to exfoliate every day, but you should plan on doing this often. You can purchase a brush that helps you slough off those dead skin cells, use a washcloth and apply very light pressure using circular motions, or use an exfoliating product. Keep in mind that you can exfoliate too much. When your skin has dry patches, redness or irritation, that’s a tell-tale sign that it’s time to put done the scrub brush and/or exfoliating wash and take a break.

Tip #3: Steam
A great way to open up your pores to help remove impurities, oil and other debris is to do a facial steam. You can do this yourself or visit your local aesthetician. To do it yourself, combine hot water, and mint in a bowl. Cover the top of the bowl with a face towel for up to five minutes, remove the towel and move your face over the steam and place your face towel over your head and the bowl, capturing the steam. The steam will bring oxygen and moisture to the face, helping to cleanse your pores. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry after you’ve completed at least 10-minutes of steam-time.

Tip #4: Spa Day!
Another great way to minimize those pores is to treat yourself to a spa-day and book an appointment with your favorite aesthetician. The professionals can help you achieve a youthful complexion with many different types of services. Microdermabrasion, for instance, is a procedure that helps to release trapped oil and dirt that can become hardened in the pores.

Having small pores doesn’t have to be a big problem. Use these tips to get the youthful skin and don’t feel bad about seeking out help from the professionals!

To your youthful skin!



As an aesthetician, I needed skincare and makeup for my clients to apply after invasive procedures that would not harm their skin, yet would help correct and protect while healing. That’s how VirginN Pure Mineral Makeup and Bioactive Skincare began. I love working with women and seeing their eyes light up when we make them look more amazing than what they ever thought was possible.

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