How to Get a Flawless Makeup Finish

Want a flawless makeup finish, but just can’t seem to pull it off? VirginN has you covered with some tips and tricks on how to get a beautiful finish without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Step #1
First apply a moisturizer to your freshly cleaned face. This will help to glide on makeup smoothly and get rid of any problematic dry patches that may give you that “caked-on” look. If you have oily skin, skip the moisturizer and use a makeup primer instead.

Step #2
Choose the right color foundation. There’s a common belief that you need to choose a lighter shade foundation and this simply isn’t true. You want to match your foundation to your skin and if you’re in between shades, choose the one that is slightly darker versus the slightly lighter shade foundation.

Step #3
Make sure when applying your foundation that you’re using the right tools. To get the best coverage, use a kabuki brush to put on your mineral foundation. Also, you’ll want to first dip your kabuki brush in the mineral makeup and lightly tap it on the edge of the makeup holder to avoid clumped up powder. Next apply the foundation with the kabuki brush in a circular motion (from your T-zone out), rather than using an up and down or side-to-side sweeping motion.

Step #4
Hide any blemishes or pimples with a mineral concealer. Apply with a tapered concealer brush for extra coverage and press the mineral concealer into place. If you’re applying to the under-eye area, make sure to not tug and apply with your ring finger lightly. This will apply the least amount of pressure to this delicate skin area, but you’ll still get the coverage you want.

Step #5
Apply a finishing powder to hold foundation and concealer in place, helping your makeup last throughout the day without needing a touch-up. This can also reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines. If you’ve got oily skin, try a matte finishing powder for a better, no-shine finish.

Expert Tip: Want to go above and beyond for a polished, flawless finish? Try adding a cream, shimmery eye-shadow to your top lid and help hide those pesky stray eyebrow hairs when you don’t have time to pluck! For those with lighter skin, try a silvery/white shade and for those with medium-to-dark skin, use a champagne shimmery eye-shadow for better coverage. Apply a light layer of mascara and a shimmery lip gloss for a flawless, beautiful finish!

To your flawless skin!


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