How to Find That Perfect Shade of Lipstick

Ever wonder how some people just look incredible in a shade of lipstick that you just can’t seem to pull off? Do you have a drawer full of lipsticks, rolling around, being unused because you loved the color in the store, but not when you brought it home and applied it to your lips.

Here are some tips to help you find that elusive perfect shade of lipstick that will not only go wonderful with any outfit, but really explodes and complements your unique complexion.

First, find out your skin’s undertone. Your skin tone is an easy way to help you discover which shade of lipstick looks best on you. To do this, simply look on the underside of your wrist in natural lighting. Take a look at your veins and if they appear green, your tone is warm and best suited for corals, peaches and salmon-colored lipsticks. If your veins are a bright blue, you have inherited cool undertones, perfect for pairing with berry and pink shaded lipsticks.

Another way to determine the perfect hue of that creamy, smooth spreading tube of color for your lips is to match it with your eyes. Blue eyes tend to work best with coral shades; green and hazel eyes look best with a cherry-red hue; and for those brown-eyed girls, rosy and pink-toned lipsticks pair nicely.

Want a simple way to find that perfect shade to slather on your voluptuous lips? The most flattering lip colors will be a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. Test out shades that you think may work by applying them to one lip. If the lipstick is one or two shades darker than your bare, natural lip, you’ve found the perfect shade!

For those of you who love the idea of red lipstick, but are too scared to even try, don’t be disheartened! Red lipstick is classic and there’s a shade for every girl. The perfect shade of red will depend on your complexion color. For darker skin try deep reds. For those of you with an olive complexion, you can make a safe get-away with fire-engine red, and for those pink-toned ladies, try cherry-red lip color.

Helpful Hints:
Here are some additional hints to help you with any other lipstick dilemmas:

1. For thinner lips stick to light-medium shapes of lipsticks. Dark colored shades will make thin lips appear…well thin! Try creamier lipstick shades or even tinted lip glosses to add more plumpness to your otherwise skinny lips.

2. Find a great lip liner to go with your lipstick color. Lipstick has a tendency to wear off, but if you find a great shade, pair it with a lip liner that’s close to the same shade. Fill in your lips with liner before applying the lipstick so it can act as a base when the actual lipstick color fads.

3. If you’re applying a lip color that is a stand-out shade, always use a lip brush. Use a mirror and take your time so you don’t accidentally paint outside of the edges of your lips – unless it’s Halloween and you dressing as a clown 😉

Here’s to you and that perfect shade of lip color!


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