Cute over Creepy: 4 Adorable Halloween Makeup Ideas

Don’t feel the need to dress up scary for Halloween? We’ve got 4 makeup ideas to keep your face looking beautiful while also having a little Halloween fun!

1. Kitty Cat: Love your own cuddly cat and are ready to channel your inner-kitty? This is a simple Halloween makeup idea that will top the chart’s in cute-factor! All you’ll need is eyeliner, light pink blush and pink lipstick or lipgloss. Start with waterproof black eyeliner and pencil in a dot on your nose tip. Add black whiskers on your cheeks. Take a liquid eyeliner and trace a thin line on your top lash and extend the color out to give yourself a cat-eye effect. Throw some pink blush on your cheekbones and finish the look with an light pink lipstick or gloss!

2. Go for Gold: Stay away from the gritty and play up your pretty with a Cleopatra princess look. Take the shine away with VirginN’s pure mineral makeup as your base and then get to work on your eyes, cheeks and lips. For eyes, start with a liquid black eye-liner. Make a thin line on your upper lip and extend it out half an inch. Fill in your bottom lash line with black eye liner. Add a gold colored eye-shadow on your entire upper lid and add a thin coat around your bottom lash line. Use a bronzer instead of blush for your cheeks and lacquer up your lips with a neutral-toned gloss to get the full Egyptian-queen look.

3. Flower Power: Want to be a pretty hippie? This is such a simple yet, sweet look that anyone who has a peasant top and bellbottom jeans can easily pull off. Think natural and neutral for your base makeup and forget the red lipstick! Peach-colored lipstick is perfect to pair with a natural look. Keep your eyes bare, but load on the mascara. You can even add a peace sign, a heart or a flower on your cheek with colored eyeliner.

4. Green with Envy: Want to dress up your witchy side? You don’t have to don on the large, rubber nose and cake on green makeup to pull off a pretty witch look. Focus on your eyes, eyebrows and lips instead. Use a black liquid liner and paint a thin line on your upper and lower lash line. Fill in your upper eye with green eye-shadow. Paint in your eyebrows with a black eyeliner (preferably not a liquid liner) and top off the look with a ruby red lipstick or for those who want more drama, try a black lipstick to match your black eyebrows. Don’t forget to lengthen those lashes with plenty of mascara.

Happy Halloween!

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