5 Instant Beauty Hacks to Change Your Look

Ever look in the mirror and get that feeling that something is missing? Maybe you’ve got the wrong shade of lipstick or your outfit is just a little too blah…Seriously, what’s a girl to do when she’s short on time and money?

I’ve got you covered with some trendy, yet clever beauty hacks that will change your look instantly!

1. Tame Your Brows
Blessed with thick eye brows, but don’t know how to tame those bold arches? Here’s a quick beauty hack to get those unruly, gorgeous brows under control. Take a disposable mascara wand and spritz it with hair spray. Brush up your brow and smooth over for a beautiful, lustrous arch that will stay in place no matter how much the wind blows.

2. Braid With Style
One of the hottest trends for hair is braids and not just a regular braid, but complex braided styles. Running short on time, but want an up-do that will give you major “Wow” factor? Try creating your up-do first and then add a pre-braided hair extension (try a clip-on variety) or you can even add a simple braided headband. Add a little dry shampoo or hairspray and Voila! You’ve got yourself an amazing looking up-do for any occasion.

3. Easy Nail-Art
Don’t have the time or talent for amazing nail art that looks like it requires a paint-by-numbers canvas? No worries! You can get that ombré effect with very little time and effort. First, apply two different shades of color – one on the bottom and the other on top. After you’ve applied the two shades, immediately brush on a topcoat and the finished result will be a blurred, water-colored manicure fit for the runway!

4. Disappearing Act
Want to create an easy bun, but can’t seem to hide those pesky underpinnings? Here’s an easy hack that won’t take much time, but will give you a gorgeous up-do, minus the metal. Slick on some anti-frizz serum, blow-dry your hair and pull it back in a neat ponytail. Next, place your bobby pins out in a row and mist them with dry shampoo. Twist your ponytail into a knot and use your freshly spritzed pins to hold your bun in place. The dry shampoo will give them staying-power so they won’t budge once you’ve put them in. Push the exposed pins underneath your ponytail elastic so they’re out of sight (and out of mind).

5. Glossy Eyelids That Stay
One of the hottest trends on the runway is glossy eyelids. This is one hack you’ll want to take a little extra care with when applying – so don’t glop it on with a lip gloss wand. Rather try mixing together loose eye shadow and a shimmery lip gloss and applying it to your lids with a flat eye shadow brush. Avoid your lashes and just sweep it across the middle and upper portion of your lids. You’ll get that shimmery look that not only makes your eyes pop and sparkle, but that has the staying power of regular eye shadow.

With these instant beauty tricks in your arsenal you’ll change your look from dull and dreary to bold and trendy!

To your effortless beauty!

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